Pegasus Riders

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The Pegasus Riders are composed of two 13-year-old equestrian performers and their seven equine partners. They specialize in trick riding, roman riding, dance, aerial silks & hammock, and equestrian liberty. These multi-talented kids have performed alongside the nation’s leading equestrian performers and offer polished, fast-paced, dynamic acts that have stunned audiences around the world.
These girls are award winning!
🐴 Maddy Gatrel- 2019 International Liberty Horse Association Freestyle Youth Division Champion. Maddy also won 3rd place at the 2022 IFR contract act showcase and was invited to compete in the ILHA Freestyle Competition!
🐴 Liberty Cunningham- 2021 3-C Arena Trick Riding Competition Youth Division Champion. Also an award-winning dancer, barrel racer and rodeo princess.
🐴 Pegasus Riders team- Winner of 2021 3-C Arena Showcase and top scoring trick riding act at the IFR Contract Act Showcase.

Not only are these girls dynamite in the arena or stage, they also are extremely articulate and friendly. They absolutely love meeting and connecting with the audience. They have been clinicians at some of the top equine expos in the nation where their clinics have filled the bleachers and were standing room only including:

🐴 Horse World Expo
🐴 Equine Affaire
🐴 Equifest of Kansas
🐴 Indiana Equine Roundup
🐴 North Dakota Horse Expo

The girls have done many many media interviews and promo work including television, newspaper and radio. Some of their photos on social media have been shared globally and videos have gotten over 1 million views. The Pegasus Riders have even been featured in Cowgirl Magazine and RFD-TV.

In addition to the list above, the Pegasus Riders performances include:
🐴 Breyerfest
🐴 American Royal x4
🐴 Vegas Tuffest Junior World Championships x2
🐴 Professional Armed Forces World Championship Rodeo
🐴 Hooey Junior Patriot Las Vegas and Fort Worth
🐴 Preifert Patriot Best of the Best Invitational Roping
🐴 Numerous other rodeos and festivals around the United States.

These two young gals will be showing their skills across the country and are so excited to make memories and share their passions with audiences. The Pegasus Riders are now booking for expos, fairs, rodeos, wild west shows, bull ridings, conventions, and more. We would love to customize a show to meet your unique environment. Coach Jennifer Gatrel can be reached by messaging this page, by calling 660.232.1280 or emailing

The Pegasus Riders are proudly sponsored by Steel Horse Formulations, EspanaSilk Grooming Products, The Healing Cowgirl, Rhinestone Lipgloss, Photonic Health and Excel with Kara, which offer amazing products the girls use!!

We would absolutely love to work with you, and would be happy to customize a package to exceed your expectations!

Pegasus Riders is now booking for 2024 for expos, fairs, rodeo, wild west shows, conventions, and more! We would love to customize a show to meet your unique environment!

Coach Jennifer Gatrel would love to visit with you and can be reached at 660.232.1280 or

Liberty Cunningham

Trick Rider-Barrel Racer-Roman Rider-Jumper-Dancer-Horse Trainer

Dusti Dickerson 3-C Arena Youth trick riding Champion

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Maddy Gatrel

Trick Rider-Liberty-Aerialist-Horse Training

International Liberty Horse Association Youth Freestyle Champion

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Jeff & Jennifer Gatrel


Photonic Health

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Espana Silk

Maddy and Liberty absolutely love the incredible Espana Silk Grooming Products that keep their horses, dogs and own hair looking their best… Espana SILK™ grooming products are: All Natural (no dyes, no salt, no parabens, no phosphates) Water based, Extra Hydration (non-oily/nonslip) Ph balanced, Natural Preservatives Biodegradable Hypoallergenic Naturally soap and detergent free No petroleum, pyrethrins or alcohol based chemicals Great for all animals and people too! Environmentally friendly! But what they love even more is the wonderful person behind the great products — Trudy Midas!!! Trudy is an amazing soul and such a kind and extraordinary person!! We are blessed by her in so many ways!! #espanasilkshine

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The Healing Cowgirl

We love The Healing Cowgirl!! They care about the health and well-being of your entire family. They take pride in finding natural solutions to provide comfort, relief and a better quality of life for people, horses, and dogs. Both Liberty and Maddy use the Performance Paste to help their on-the-muscle horses with nerves and anxiety. Maddy also uses the cookies for her ponies for the same reason. Having their horses focused and honest during performances is so important and this product helps with that! Thank you, The Healing Cowgirl, for your amazing products and your sponsorship of the Pegasus Riders!! #thehealingcowgirl

Steel Horse Formulations

Steel Horse Formulations has created GROUNDBREAKING Whole Body Formula Using a New Innovative Approach with Systemic Enzymes & Probiotics!! All of the Pegasus Riders performing horses are on this wonderful product that harnesses the power of Serraquin ES15. We have seen first hand the amazing pain relief and healing propertities after trying the product out on Maddy’s mini dwarf pony who sustained a broken shoulder. This product gave us the gift of time, and allowed us to get a definitive diagnosis. We will be forever grateful!! 𝑺𝒆𝒓𝒓𝒂𝒒𝒖𝒊𝒏 𝑬𝑺𝟏𝟓 fights against many inflammatory conditions such as𝑺𝒆𝒓𝒓𝒂𝒒𝒖𝒊𝒏 𝑬𝑺𝟏𝟓 fights against many inflammatory conditions such as: ✔Arthritis and Stiffness ✔Navicular ✔EPM ✔Ringbone ✔DSLD (Degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis) ✔Laminitis ✔Muscle Soreness & Post-Workout ✔Moon Blindness (Equine Recurrent Uveitis-ERU) ✔Colic Prevention ✔IR & Metabolic Support ✔Post-Surgical Recovery … and much more! Including Gut Health, Recovery & Scar Tissue Thank you Steel Horse Formulations, our newest sponsor, for this amazing product and your support and belief of Maddy and Liberty and their team of horses!!

Excel Wellness

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Super exciting news!! Liberty has been selected as a Brand Ambassador for a new social media app and tool called nXlvl. It is a social media that focuses on TALENTS. Think LinkedIn only for talents versus careers. This is going to be AMAZING for people that want a social focused on their sports, music, acting, etc. It has a talent “resume” and video section… it’ll be PERFECT for college coaches looking for find people with certain talents and companies looking for people with a certain talent to represent their brands or be part of their productions!! Liberty is the youngest Brand Ambassador nXlvl has selected and one of only five for the sport of rodeo!! She’ll join some of the top high school, college and amateur rodeo athletes that represent the brand. Liberty was discovered by the company from a video of one of her Roman riding performances this fall that was posted right here on this fb page and shared to another page!!! The nXlvl app is starting a series called Rodeo Insider that began Jan 30 and feature daily behind-the-scenes videos and skill tips from their rodeo athlete Brand Ambassadors!! The app also has an AWESOME tool called NXconnectme that is similar to linktree where someone has a landing page for ALL their social media pages and websites plus links to sponsors websites and featured photos and videos!!! It’s soooo much more comprehensive and cool than linktree!! So, go to this link to find out more!! Make sure you follow Liberty’s profile on nXlvl!! You’ll be able to see her on the Rodeo Insider Series sharing behind the scenes with her and her horses!! And.. while you are there, create a page to highlight your talent or so you can follow people with talents in your interest area and create an nxconnectme page to have a link that includes all your social medias and websites in one!! Thanks, nXlvl for believing in Liberty and hiring her as a Brand Ambassador and one of the stars of Rodeo Insider!! Also thanks for not just having rodeo competitors but a rodeo contract entertainer to feature and represent the sport on your app! #rodeoinsiderseries #nxlvl

Thank you for contacting us! Please feel free to call if you would like 660-232-1280!

Equestrian Performance 101

Equestrian Performance 101

Taught by: Jennifer Gatrel, Liberty Cunningham, and Maddy Gatrel Learn the basics of what it takes to perform with your horses. The Pegasus Riders will demonstrate trick riding, roman riding, and liberty horsemanship in a fun interactive demo!

Game For Learning

Game For Learning

Taught by: Jennifer Gatrel, Liberty Cunningham, and Maddy Gatrel It is time to bring fun back into kids learning horsemanship!!! The girls of Pegasus Riders use classic childhood games to teach horsemanship skills. Get ready for Red Light - Green Light, Pool Noodle Tag, and so much more!!